WAHA produces technical bulletins and regularly contributes relevant safety content to publications to provide guidance and information about selected topics that are determined to be important to members and the public.

The WAHA are currently reviewing a significant number existing published works to ensure the information contained therein is still current and accurate. Whilst we undertake this internal review we appreciate your patience.

Publications can be found below – be sure to check back with us as we continue to re-release this information

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Technical bulletins are issued by the WAHA to provided specific advice about selected topics that have become important for members and the public. Bulletins are issued on a needs basis, and are reviewed for content and relevance over time.

A summary of the technical bulletins on issue by the association is as follows – click on the link to download a printable version:

Horizontal Lifelines: Installation & Maintenance | Version 3 | 25/08/2021

Inspection & Maintenance | Version 3 | 25/08/2021

PPE & Australian Standards | Version 3 | 25/08/2021

Recertification of Installed Systems | Version 2 | 25/08/2021

Understanding Testing & Certification | Version 2 | 25/08/2021

Testing Certification | Version 1 | 06/11/2017

First Aid Following Harness Suspension | Version 1 | 06/11/2017

Glossary of Terms | Version 3 | 14/11/2017

Update on Changes to Australian Standard | Version 1 | 17/11/2017

Friction Plate Shock Absorber | Version 1 | 25/03/2013

Inspection bulletins are a new innovation from the WAHA and are issued to provide guidance to inexperienced tradespeople and asset owners regarding tell-tale signs to look for when observing installations on roofs and other structures. They are bulletins of a general nature and not a warning about a specific product or manufacturer. They are intended to provide general advice that can be used to assess the further need to call in an installation company to provide a more formal assessment.

Inspection Bulletins will be issued on a needs basis and will be reviewed for content and relevance over time.

A summary of the inspection bulletins on issue by the association is as follows – click on the link to download a printable version:

Surface Mounted Anchor – corrosion | Version 1 | December 2017

Surface Mounted Anchor – bulb rivet forming | Version 1 | February 2018

Data-plates | Version 1 | March 2018

WAHA Member Companies are committed to the aims of the association and to improving training, education and installation and equipment standards in industry for height safety and confined spaces. Occasionally our members prepare information that may be useful for a wider audience, that may not be endorsed by the Association as an organisation position, yet it may still be of value to the broader community. 

The information source will be noted and the information is required to be unbiased, not for sales purposes and purely as information for interested parties.

If you have a contribution you would like to make, please contact the WAHA on for details. All content will be reviewed by the Board of Directors prior to being published.

Strata Duty of Care | Roof & Balcony Solutions | 2015

Understanding Your Rights | RIGCOM | 2016

The Industrial Rope Access Association (IRATA) International issues Safety Notices on a regular basis, produced by the IRATA Health and Safety Committee, to keep members and technicians abreast of issues of which they should be aware which have arisen out of incident reporting or feedback from IRATA members themselves.

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