Confined Space Equipment


There is an expectation that confined space equipment manufacturers design and engineer their products to meet the unique needs of the discipline and for them to be approved to the relevant Australian Standards, or to a recognised ISO alternative where AS/NZS does not apply (eg EN, ANSI, OSHA).

Despite ASNZS Fall Protection Standards not being mandatory, there is a very strong impetus for specifiers and users of fall protection equipment to reference this certification as key selection criteria when deciding upon confined space or working at height solutions. This reference point helps mitigate the risk of incorrect product selection, and with an emphasis on user self-regulation, risk management requires a strong merit-based justification when creating a suitable safety solution.

The alignment to Standards, and by default best practice, assists companies to demonstrate a commitment to providing a safe work environment for their workforce based on a recognised and supported framework and reinforces their intention for their workers to be using the safest products for their needs, and of course in accordance with local requirements. These Standards are often referred to in Codes of Practice adding currency to their importance and increasing their alignment to legislative compliance despite a lack of direct reference in Legislature or Regulations.

The WAHA community includes several manufacturers as founding Member Companies who actively demonstrate their commitment to the industry, safety and towards to the objectives and philosophy of the Association. The WAHA recognises and supports those manufacturers who aim to comply with product and other quality Standards as well as the relevant Industry Codes (existing and in development) to improve the design and quality of PPE, engineering design, usability, installation, and training, across all facets of the industry.

WAHA Gold and Silver Member Companies who are Manufacturers undertake an internal Self-Audit annually to maintain their status within the Association. Via this process these companies are able to demonstrate and verify that the products they manufacture meet the requirements of the WAHA (based on Australian Standards principles) which is also supported by their existing quality system certification (ISO etc) and their commitment to applying product approvals as per the relevant Standards.


Most manufacturers choose to supply product through a distributor network utilising their reach, experience and expertise to best support customers in their regions. These distributors are in turn supported with ongoing training and development from the manufacturer to facilitate a strong understanding of the features and benefits of each product which in turn helps with the specification process based on the customers’ specific needs. Specialist distributors of confined space and fall protection equipment work closely with end-users in the selection and specification of equipment and can often facilitate demonstrations, presentations, equipment trials and product training to assist in the process.

Contact your preferred equipment manufacturer to locate a distributor suitable for your needs, or alternatively, visit our Current Members page to find your local WAHA Member Company.