The Working at Height Association of Australia (WAHA) has been established to assist in the ongoing development of products, skills, training, education, methodologies and standards for managing height safety and confined space risks across all industries.

WAHA has always held its industry members to a higher standard than what is expected under local legislative requirements. By ensuring our members agree to and operate under the core values of the Association, we reflect best practice and heighten the bar of expectation for design, installation, processes and procedures.

The WAHA membership structure has been designed to assist those who are starting down the Quality Systems path, providing guidance and resources to help attain those goals, and move up through the tiers.

WAHA membership reflects a commitment to best practice, and it’s connection with your organisation a symbol of quality and assurance to end users.

WAHA is building an international reputation for effective height safety leadership, driven by a constitution that has not been prejudiced by a decline in building standards. To assist in the decision-making by applicant companies, the following explanation of the application process is provided.

Membership with the WAHA is available in the following tiers:







The WAHA is a not-for-profit entity, with any profits or excess revenues generated from memberships and activities diverted back into the organisation for research and education purposes.

You should join WAHA if you:

Want access to the latest industry information on working at height and confined space issues in the Australia/New Zealand context;

Are interested in height safety and confined space issues and want to make a contribution to their development and improvement;

Are keen to learn from other industry professionals operating in these industries;

Are a manufacturer of fall protection or confined space equipment and wish to better understand compliance issues and manufacturing standards;

Are a training organisation keen to learn from other industry professionals and to develop and improve the standards for training in working at heights and confined spaces;

Are an installation company and want to ensure that you can operate as ‘best practice’ in industry, by following the WAHA guidelines for installations;

Are an end user of systems and products and want information about the best way to manage the compliance of your safety systems.

Membership requirements:

An appraisal will take place upon application to ensure field of study is directly relevant to working at height and confined space matters.

This membership provides opportunities for engagement with industry, access to technical information and guidance, exposure to safe design principles and operational factors at height and in confined spaces, and the building of connections with industry peers. 

The perfect membership for safety, engineering and design professionals, company representatives, trainer / assessors, and individuals impacted by working at height and confined space risks, who want to increase their knowledge and connection industry peers. There are no pre-requisites to this membership tier, and membership is automatically renewed annually.

Membership requirements:

This is the membership tier to start your organisation on the road to improving systems and services and provides opportunities to contribute and assist in the development of operational activities across a range of key areas.

Bronze membership also provides access to guidance, technical and Regulatory information through the Resource Library applicable to your tier.

Membership requirements:

With an existing QMS, the Silver membership tier offers extra access to guidance, technical and Regulatory information through the Resource Library as well as information to further improve your existing management system. Silver Members are also eligible for Director roles within the Association.

Membership requirements:

This is the highest membership tier available, and organisations who achieve this have gone above and beyond the current Australian requirements.

Gold Membership offers full access to the WAHA Body of Knowledge, opportunities to host WAHA events and for paid advertising on the WAHA website. Gold Members are also eligible for a Director position on the WAHA Board.

Additional advantages include:

Eligible entities or organisations include:

By becoming a Corporate WAHA member you are signalling your commitment to the ideals of the Association and to implementing best practice safety with regards to policy, procedures, product selection and training for working at height and confined spaces.

Corporate Members have access to Tier 4 areas of the Body of Knowledge and are invited to attend the AGM and Member Forums and be involved in WAHA committee projects.

This membership tier does not require internal audit, and is renewable annually.