WAHA is very happy to announce our partnership with the newly formed Scaffolding Association of Australia (SAA), the national body representing the Scaffolding profession across Australia.

The Working at Height Association (WAHA) and Scaffolding Association of Australia (SAA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) under which both organisations have agreed to support activities and education opportunities which enhance safety in the workplace and empower workers to make better decisions whilst working at height.

Both WAHA and SAA have agreed to lend their respective expertise in the professional development of the industry and to provide guidance to each other in the design of content and technical material affecting those key stakeholders. 

“Safety is a core value that will remain at the forefront of our efforts as an industry association and the Scaffolding Association Australia will work tirelessly towards creating a safety-centric culture within the scaffolding community. Collaborating with the Working at Heights Association will play an essential role in enabling us to lead and advocate for our industry as our mission as industry associations align. Together we can work towards influencing policy decisions, drive industry-wide initiatives, and contribute to the overall growth and development of the construction sector. We look forward to working collaboratively as a combined voice to protect workers at height and continue to advocate for safer workplaces across Australia.”

SAA Managing Director, Robert Thiess.

Joint activities undertaken as part of this agreement may include: seminars, workshops and training, needs assessment advisory undertakings, qualifications development and professional leadership development.

“The opportunity to collaborate with professional organisations ensures that the WAHA mission is relevant to those affected by working at height and that our activities align with the broader objectives of education and empowerment. Ultimately we are here to ensure people go home safely to their families at the end of the day, and collaborating with SAA helps us both amplify the messaging around working at height, and continue to develop education and training materials to make the scaffolding and rigging community a safer one in which to work.

WAHA CEO, Scott Barber.

As not-for-profit professional bodies, WAHA and SAA support the increased focus on safety in the workplace and the promotion of higher levels of competency. The transfer of skills and knowledge is paramount for active participation in safer work practices.

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