Everything Else

The final pre-check for work is Everything Else. This may include workers helmets, tool lanyards, communication devices, and any other tools or ancillary equipment needed for the task at hand.

All workers undertaking work at height and in confined spaces should wear protective helmets that are suitable for the type of work being undertaken, and where suitable, certified to ASNZS 1801 Occupational Protective Helmets.

The helmet should have a fully adjustable head cradle and chinstrap for comfort and to prevent accidental loss of the helmet in the event of a fall.

Helmets without a peak may prove beneficial when working in a vertical environment, in that vision will not be obscured whilst looking upwards. It would be an advantage if the helmet allowed for the installation of ear defenders and protective face shields.

Helmets should always be used with the chinstrap fastened.

Due care and consideration should be made for the safe use of heavy tools and equipment and in some circumstances, they may require their own safety system of connection to ensure they do not pose a hazard of being dropped. As a general guide tools or equipment up to 8kg in weight are to be fitted with lanyards and must always remain secured to the operatives. Weights more than 8kg shall not be taken over an edge by workers, but should be lowered on an independent line, particularly if working in rope access.