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Welcome to the Working at Heights Association of Australia Body of Knowledge Library Foyer.

Significant time has been spent over the last few months reviewing and mapping our existing resource library. 

This includes all articles, technical notices, whitepapers, review documents, posts and guidance notes. This has been a marketing exercise but also an element of the new Document Control processes we have introduced as part of our continuous improvement. 

We have now established the foundations of a Body of Knowledge which will become the cornerstone of our engagement strategy. We are still in the process of preparing this content for the Body of Knowledge Library.

The goal is to have constant development of new content relevant to our stakeholders, both internal and external, maintains our relevance and acts as a bridge to building influence and facilitate positive change in working at heights safety. 

This is core to our mission of seeing the shift statistics which is staying stubbornly firm in the numbers over the last decade. We are defining the documents based on type and using this segmentation to focus on key areas that impact multiple spheres.

This Body of Knowledge Foyer is accessible to all types of WAHA Membership; the additional Levels of Access for Bronze, Silver and Gold Members is a work in progress. We appreciate your patience as we roll out exclusive content for Membership.


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The Constitution of the Association is not normally a document that we would make publicly available to anyone, but rather provide access for all members through this ‘member-only’ section of the website.

The Constitution of the Association provides the foundation for how the WAHA is governed, including the roles of Directors, management of income as a non-profit organisation, and our legal responsibilities to the Australian Government. 

If you have a specific enquiry about the Constitution, please get in touch!

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In order to meet our goals and objectives for growth as an Association, our own internal Governance documentation has been reviewed and brought up to a higher standard to support the growth of the Association and continue to support out key stakeholders. 

QA-001 Association Objectives

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QA-003 Logo Use and Style Guide

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