Kingston Reid

Kingston Reid is Australia’s largest specialist workplace firm with a national focus, international reach and a global outlook. Our extensive national team of lawyers, across all levels, led by eleven deeply experienced partners, advise and support Australian and multi-national corporate clients.

Whether it be day-to-day employment matters, highly strategic and commercially significant deliberations employers need to make, or cases before the courts, we are the specialist workplace law firm to have on hand. We are progressive and innovative, and passionate about connecting the right people with the right information and outcomes.

We provide uncomplicated, insightful & visionary employment, workplace relations & safety law advice, delivered with an uncompromising focus on delighting our clients.

Our Vision

To be a great and happy success story, and to love the journey along the way. To stand steadfastly alongside our clients as their trusted advisors, guiding & supporting them on their own journeys, together relishing the ups and the downs. To go above-and-beyond to help our clients and our people seize opportunities to innovate, progress and grow – and ultimately, to thrive.

Our Values

We Are Frank, Fearless
& Fantastic

We provide to-the-point, practical and honest advice. We deal with each other in the same way, with a solid overlay of trust and respect. We act with integrity always. We are fantastic lawyers, friends and colleagues.

We Walk In
Their Shoes

We approach our work from our clients’ perspectives. We will understand their businesses and know what really matters to them, and we will collaborate with, empower and support them.

We Think Big &
Stay Curious

We are intensely curious. We stay ahead of the curve because our thirst for knowledge is insatiable. We are nimble and embrace change. Our imaginations are one of our strengths and we will use them to drive creativity and innovation.

We Will

We will delight our clients with our unparalleled service and uncompromising support. We take delight in and never underestimate the value and importance of the relations and connections we share with our clients and one another.

We’re Motivated, Spirited
& Ambitious

We’re motivated by success, unashamedly spirited – it drives us to always seek the best opportunities and outcomes for our clients. We embrace authentic, well-intentioned ambition & encourage our clients & our people to be the very best they can be.

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