At Kattsafe (previously Sayfa Group), we design and deliver world-leading height access and fall protection systems that offer maximum safety with minimum fuss. Because simpler systems are safer systems.

We design the highest quality products and systems in the industry and provide all the specifications and details you need for safe installation and use because we’re obsessed with making height safety and access systems as simple, and as safe, as possible.

Every Kattsafe component, product, and system is designed to the highest specification by experts and manufactured using advanced fabrication techniques. And each one goes above and beyond international compliance standards. Australian owned and customer focused, Kattsafe’s success lies in its ability to proactively respond to the evolving needs of the industries to which it provides products and services.

Over 20 years in the industry have given us innate knowledge of industry standards, regulations, and codes of practice. This knowledge and experience allow us to continue pushing the boundaries, and keep innovating to simplify safety. Our products are continuously developed out of a need to reduce project complexity and installation errors.

Our Products

Our products are designed and manufactured in-house and are constantly being improved to increase modularity, and reduce installation times. We ensure the delivery of only the highest quality products by utilizing top-grade materials and production techniques and facilities.

Australia has some of the highest safety and quality standards in the world and we’re proud to produce over 90% of our products right here in Australia.

Having strict standards gives us clarity on exactly what ‘safe’ looks like and gives our customers peace of mind that every Kattsafe product is designed for maximum safety.

Our product range consists of:

  • Anchor points
  • Static lines
  • Rigid rails
  • Davits & needles
  • Rung ladders
  • Roof access hatches
  • Platforms & stairs
  • HVAC platforms
  • Guardrail & walkway
  • Skylight protectors

Take the risk out of height safety project designs

We have an in-house team of height safety specialists who can create cost-effective and compliant height safety projects in collaboration with builders, building owners and architects. Our height safety system design specialists have a deep understanding of industry requirements and help you meet your obligations for fully compliant systems right from the start.

Exceed compliance, minimize ongoing costs, reduce the need for rework, and protect lives with our design consultation service.

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