Area9 Lyceum

Founded by physicians and computer scientists, and headquartered in Copenhagen and Boston, Area9 Lyceum combines more than 25 years of research into human factors and cognition.
With cutting-edge computer science and artificial intelligence (AI), we transform learning outcomes for over 40 million learners. Across construction, mining, manufacturing, rail, health care, finance and corporate education, Area9 Lyceum brings evidence based scientific rigor to transform learning outcomes at scale and impact risk and improve safety across a range of workplace environments.

How it works:

The Ai supports each learner using over 8 billion data points acting as a personal tutor as each learner works through course training content adjusting in real time for the learner like google maps! Keeping the learner engaged, eliminating knowledge gaps, providing exquisite data/ analytics, and saving 40-50% in time compared to standard eLearn! showing the impact on safety incidents, productivity, and learner engagement)

Area9 Lyceum brings evidence based scientific rigor to transform learning outcomes at scale and impact risk and improve safety across a range of workplace environments

WAHA Falls prevention collaboration.

We are proud to collaborate with WAHA on the falls prevention programme to help reduce risk and improve safety outcomes through a variety of industries including water sector, construction, facilities management, and rail.

What sectors does Area9 Lyceum operate in:

Our extensive partnerships span diverse sectors globally, fostering deep connections in construction, mining, healthcare, utilities, rail, and corporate education. These collaborations reflect our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and driving success in various industries, reinforcing our role as a trusted and versatile partner in the ever-evolving landscape of business and development.

Examples of our partnerships include:

John Holland, Melbourne Water, ARTC, Unity Water, UGL, NSW Ambulance, MetroTunnel CYP, Triple Zero Victoria. Citi Bank, HSBC, BP, Shell,

Why choose Area9 Lyceum:                                                        

  • Elimination of critical knowledge gaps for each learner that standard eLearning leaves but at scale (personal tutor)
  • Impacts both lead and lag indicators in safety
  • Productivity returns Saves up to 50% in time when compared to standard eLearn course due to the personalised approach.
  • High levels of actionable data and analytics Invaluable for auditing, reporting and continuous improvement strategies.
  • No additional tech stacks: Works in all LMS

Area 9 Lyceum services

We specialize in developing diverse courses for the AI Platform, covering Critical Risk and Safety, Induction Training, Annual Compliance, Leadership and Cultural Training, and Contractor Management. Whether creating new content or converting existing material, our approach ensures a comprehensive range of engaging and effective learning experiences for various projects.

  • Critical risk and safety (100% proficiencies compared to standard eLearn)
  • Induction training (efficiencies and effective 30-50% time reduction)
  • Annual compliance training (Personal tutor)
  • Leadership and cultural training
  • Contractor management, induction, and training
  • Analytics and data
  • Integration with other educational technologies to support learning outcomes.