Anchor Safe

 Anchor Safe is a proven and respected provider of accredited height safety and rope access services. With over 16 years of experience, Anchor Safe helps building owners and facility managers to ensure working at height scenarios are safe while minimising long-term risks and liabilities. 

Protecting workers at heights demands constant monitoring, maintenance and compliance. As your height safety partner, Anchor Safe manage the entire process for you from system design to installation and scheduled recertification. That means you can rest easy, knowing that employees and contractors are protected, and your responsibilities are met. 

Anchor Safe’s professional height safety consultants are experts in the design, installation and compliance management of roof access and fall protection systems. These systems are custom designed to meet your specific compliance needs whilst upholding the highest safety standards.

Anchor Safe serves clients around Australia with offices in Albury, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Height Safety Services 

Height Safety Inspections 

Understanding the needs of your site is a crucial first step in managing risk and attaining compliance with stringent Australian standards and safety regulations. 

Anchor Safe’s experienced team will identify areas of non-compliance and any potential hazards that need to be mitigated. 

  • All inspections are carried out by an experienced and accredited height safety inspector
  • Detailed reports backed with the support and guidance of our expert team
  • User-friendly online asset management tools that keep you updated and in the know
Height Safety System Design & Installation

Designing and installing a compliant and safe fall protection or access system to protect workers at height requires someone with an in-depth understanding of the current legislation and standards. Anchor Safe not only has the expertise but the experience, to provide customisable and all-encompassing height safety solutions across local government, facility management and retail sectors.

  • Systems designed by experienced and accredited height safety technicians using computer-aided design software for utmost precision.
  • Quality workmanship, premium quality system components and cost-effective solutions
  • Installation by an accredited team, with site supervision and project management to ensure completion on time and on budget.
  • 10-year product and installation warranty.
Compliance Recertification and Maintenance

As your partner in height safety, Anchor Safe take total responsibility for height safety system compliance across your building portfolio. Ensuring peak performance, and guaranteed regulatory compliance while providing building owners and facility managers with unparalleled access and control through our proprietary online asset management tool.

  • Scheduled inspections and maintenance of your permanently installed height safety and access systems
  • Industry-leading height safety inspections from accredited height safety technicians
  • Proprietary online asset management app monitors height safety assets in real-time
  • A long-term partnership taking total responsibility for height safety compliance, recertification and equipment maintenance
Rope Access Services

Anchor Safe Rope Access is an award-winning provider of external high-rise cleaning, painting and maintenance in Sydney. Highly skilled, accredited and trade-certified to match the job at hand, Anchor Safe Rope Access technicians provide outstanding services at competitive prices. Helping you navigate the complexity of building façade management with absolute confidence and ease. 

  • High Rise Façade Inspections & Reporting
  • High Rise Façade Maintenance & Repairs
  • Rope Access Painting & Protective Coating
  • High Rise Window & Façade Cleaning

Proudly Australian-owned and backed by the strength of a national height safety leader, Anchor Safe Rope Access provide a solution-focused approach to facade maintenance that elevates property value and ensures client satisfaction at every step

Why Choose Anchor Safe?

  • Peace of mind; A proven and respected name in accredited height safety compliance management, roof access and fall protection systems, and rope access facade management services.
  • A long-term partner; Supporting the lifespan of a building, staying close and responsive to ensure ongoing safety and compliance.
  • Independence; Free to select high-quality yet cost-effective and proven solutions, without pressure to push certain products. That means a firm focus on the best result for you.
  • Ease and control; Take the pressure off with managed height safety and facade management while providing transparent, user-friendly online management tools that keep you 100% in the loop and in control.
  • Quality; Quality and care are at the heart of all of Anchor Safe’s services, guided by what’s right for you.

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