Source: Safe Work Australia

Complacency kills. When hazardous work is undertaken without a clear plan for how to do it safely, workers can be injured or killed.

Everyone who works in construction needs to know what a SWMS is for and how to use it. Our new interactive SWMS tool will help you do this.

Review here: Interactive SWMS Guidance Tool

This tool is for:

  • people responsible for preparing and using a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for high risk construction work (HRCW)
  • a small business that has to prepare their own SWMS
  • people new to the construction industry.

This tool will help you understand:

  • what a SWMS does, how it makes a difference, and what the model work health and safety (WHS) laws say about preparing and using a SWMS
  • how to prepare a SWMS
  • how to use a SWMS in the workplace and keep it up to date.

It includes videos and activities to help explain how a SWMS works. You can work through the entire tool, or click on the module you are interested in below to go straight to the information you need.

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