Source: SafeWork NSW

Laggner Constructions Pty Ltd has been convicted and fined $75,000 after a worker fell approximately 2.7 metres through a void, resulting in serious injuries.​

The Court heard that at the time of the incident, two pieces of loose plywood had been placed over a stairway void on the second level of a house under construction. The plywood sheets were not secured and were not strong enough to hold the weight of a person. The worker stepped onto the plywood sheets and fell through the void to the ground floor below.​

This incident could have been avoided by:​
• Installing adequate coverage or barricades for the void
• Preventing workers from accessing the area
• Communicating with workers about the presence of the void and its risks
• Supervising workers

Falls from heights are the leading cause of traumatic fatalities in the NSW building and construction industry, and they are entirely preventable.​

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