Over the years Rothoblaas has gained recognition and respect for its expertise in fasteners for timber construction. This is because Rothoblaas has often inspired innovation within the industry, excelling with products that had previously established its limits.

But Rothoblaas does not provide technologies for timber alone: Rothoblaas follow the fall protection sector with a complete offer dedicated to those involved in the safety of civil and industrial structures, specialised distributors and operators active in the confined spaces and work at height.

This target market is served by the brand Rothoblaas Solutions for Safety.

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2021 the new catalogue “Fall Protection and Safety” has been presented to the market: many innovative solutions, answers to the needs of international markets and new tools to simplify the work of safety professionals all over the world. It opens with a significant informative section dealing with issues related to the risks of carrying out works at height and how best to deal with such risks.

The range includes a variety of pass-through and non-pass-through life lines, single points for all types of sub-base, Collective Protection and Accesses Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment and a wide range of complementary products and accessories.

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